Project Manager overseeing vocational training

Vocational Training Lead




£50 can pay for a project manager to work in the school one day a week, for a month.

Establishing new set ups, ensuring funds raised are used as efficiently as possible, coordinating timetables and drafting in skilled specialists are just some of the tasks that are difficult to manage from the UK. Just over £10 per day employs a Ugandan project worker for one day a week (initially) to make sure budgets are manageable and business relationships are established and nurtured overtime. Work also involves setting up work experience placements for students and developing employment links with the local business community.

For a one-off donation, simply click on the link and follow payment instructions.

If you, or a group or church you are connected with are interested in making a monthly contribution, or larger donation towards this project specifically, please contact us via the contact page.

Every donation to the work of Aunty Flo supports the vocational training of our pupils at the Uganda School for the Deaf, with a special focus on girls’ education. Our charitable work aims to raise funds to support self-sustainable training for Deaf girls. We provide access to high quality training, improving life chances for each student, access to work experience and employment opportunities.

Because every girl deserves the right to a full school education and a hygienic and healthy period, we aim to provide education across communities about the impact of period poverty on the lives and education of girls and women in the UK and Africa.

Here at AuntyFlo we’d like to personally thank you for your donation, together we can make a difference- saving the planet one stitch at a time.


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