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We run sewing workshops teaching women and girls how to make Cloth Sanitary Pads. We aim to raise awareness of period poverty in the UK and in Uganda. We understand the impact of single-use plastic period products on our environment. And we’re exploring ways to reduce our plastic consumption.

We also work closely with the Uganda School for the Deaf:

  • We help the girls to experience healthy and hygienic periods.
  • We support them in getting full access to education.
  • We develop their vocational skills to improve their work opportunities following school.

Period poverty

Aunty Flo started with a blog. We were asking for help to create washable and re-usable sanitary pads. This was for a project based at the School for the Deaf in Kampala, Uganda. It was part of the work of our partner organisation Doubleme.org. One of the key aspects of Doubleme.org’s work focuses on girls being able to access education and stay there. A barrier to this is the menstrual cycle. Many girls are not able to afford suitable sanitary protection. And because of this, they miss school. It often leads to dropping out of school altogether.

As a charity, we have explored options for biodegradable products. Recently, we’re looking at washable and re-usable products sourced locally in Uganda. But often the response remains the same – there’s no money.

How we help

We enable girls to make their own sanitary products. We teach them how to make them from donated off-cuts, worn-out garments, towels and even umbrellas!

We were originally called “Aunty Flo’s Ragtime Band”. We hosted a successful and enjoyable sewing day to make samples, which we sent to Uganda. We shared the samples with schools during the Doubleme.org Summer Conference.

Here in the UK, we’re seeing more and more period poverty related articles and research. Local authorities are surveying schools to measure the impact of period-poverty on attendance. And there is an increasing awareness of the need not only to recycle but to reduce our plastic usage as much as possible.

Our news and events

On our website you’ll find our musings on the theme of period poverty and plastic waste.  You can find details of our up and coming education projects. And learn all about our community sewing days based in Sheffield and Faversham, in Kent.

We hope you’ll watch as we grow and share your own journey with us.


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